Steinway V-125

Steinway V125 Upright Piano Perth
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Steinway V-125 Upright Piano Perth

Steinway V-125 Upright Piano

Steinway Upright Piano

This model offers a wide sound spectrum coupled with a responsiveness of touch that will delight the advanced musician. It is no coincidence that the V-125 upright piano is often found in teaching institutions. Beginners will also enjoy this instrument—like all the uprights, it is a genuine Steinway featuring the inimitable Steinway sound.

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  • Finishes Available

    Matt: Walnut


    Height: 125 cm
    Width: 152.5 cm
    Depth: 67.5 cm
    Net Weight: approximately 267 kg
  • Steinway & sons

    For more than a century and a half, the world’s most accomplished pianists have preferred to express their musical genius on Steinway & Sons pianos. The list includes the giants in classical, jazz, and popular music; the men and women who have shaped the world’s musical heritage. Today, more than 98 percent of the world’s active concert pianists choose to perform on Steinway pianos. The joy of playing and owning a Steinway piano, however, is not the exclusive domain of the virtuosi. Rather, it is a world open to all who share a love of music, fine craftsmanship, and enduring quality.

    That which distinguishes Steinway pianos, more than all else, is summed up in our dedication to a single ideal: make the finest pianos in the world. It has never entered our minds to compromise quality. Where some have substituted mass-produced, synthetic components to speed production or reduce costs, we apply technologies and new materials only when they provide proven enhancements in the piano. We adhere to these principles for one reason — compromise quality, and you risk the sound, the touch, and ultimately, the integrity of the instrument.

    Unlike other manufacturers that mass-produce their uprights, Steinway & Sons uprights are handcrafted in the same factory as our grand pianos, using the same techniques, conditioning processes, and craftsmen. The result is the world’s finest upright, living up to the Steinway & Sons name in every respect. Our upright pianos take advantage of over 125 patented features and processes, including our patented Diaphragmatic® soundboard, Accelerated Action® and Hexagrip® pinblock

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