About Walter Haass

The maestro the audience never sees

Walter Haass, one of the world's finest piano technicians

Walter Haass - Founder and Director, Pianohaass Pty Ltd

One of the world’s finest piano makers, piano restorer and expert concert piano tuner, Walter Haass brings world class training and experience to all of his clients in Perth, Australia and South East Asia.

Walter Haass
Walter Haass

A true expert in his field of piano making, piano tuning, piano repairs and piano restoration, Walter Haass began his career studying piano making at the renowned Oscar Walcker School of Instrument Making in Ludwigburgs, Germany whilst doing his apprenticeship at Matthaes piano factory in Stuttgart. He continued his training at the Fromenteil Atelier in Paris and worked as a freelance piano tuner and concert technician in Berlin until moving to Perth, Western Australia in 1982.

Now with over 40 years of experience as a leading concert piano technician and a extremely highly respected Steinway & Sons piano technical specialist for Australia and South East Asia, Walter is often called upon to resolve technical problems with pianos and regularly travels around Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia and New Zealand for his specialist piano services, piano tuning, piano repairing and servicing, piano rebuilding and restoration.

Pianohaass 5 Pianohaass Piano Restoration When it comes to classical piano recitals, Perth Technician Walter Haass is the maestro the audience never sees. David Hough The West Australian.

Walter Haass in Perth, Western Australia

Walter's local Perth clientele includes; The Perth Concert Hall, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Musical Viva, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Perth International Arts Festival and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

ABC Music Viva Australian Chamber Orchestra Perth International Arts Festival WASO

The Singapore International Piano Festival

Singapore International Piano Festival

Walter Haass has worked with the Singapore International Piano Festival since shortly after its inception in 1994 and continues to work there today. Work at the recent 21st Singapore International Piano Festival held in June 2014, marked Walter's 20th consecutive year at the piano festival in Singapore. This is what the Artistic Director, Lionel Choi had to say.

Pianohaass 5 Pianohaass Piano Restoration A master in his art. Walter Haass is someone the audience rarely sees, unless a pianist breaks a string or if you choose to stay in the concert hall during intermission. He is someone the audience rarely hears, even though we hear the fruit of his unseen work all of the time. He is an artist, a craftsman, a physicist, all rolled into one. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of everything from wood and metal materials, their functions and interrelationship, to musical, acoustical and psychological understanding necessary to bring artist and instrument together. The terrain of the world of concert technician is complex, demanding and varied. The one we have at the Festival for the past 20 years has charted the territory beautifully with the hands, ears, eyes and good taste not only as a concert technician, but also a passionate music lover. He holds a deep appreciation of the artistry involved in giving pianistic voice to the written musical score. Lionel Choi Artistic Director, The Singapore Piano Festival.

The former Artistic Director of the Singapore International Piano Festival, Goh Yew Lin wrote, “Walter Haass has played a critical role in the success of our piano festival. He is a perfectionist craftsman. Pianists like Nikolai Demidenko and Pascal Roge have said to me that he is among the very best in the world – and I guess they should know! His tender loving care in preparing the instruments has been conspicuously praised by pianists in each Festival and I hope he will continue to help us in the years ahead.”

Walter Haass has professionally attended to the varied tastes and requirements of the world’s finest pianists.

A long list contains well known pianists as:

Joaquin Achucarro, Dimitri Alexeev, Piotr Anderszewski, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Paul Baduth-Skoda, Giovanni Belluci, Frederic Chin, Boris Berman, Borris Berezovski, Philippe Bianconi, Idil Biret, Daniel Blumenthal, Yetim Bronfman, John Chen, Arnaldo Cohen, Jean-Philippe Collard, Imogen Cooper, Michael Dalbuto, Bella Davidovich, Peter Donohoe, Nicholai Demidenko, Barry Douglas, Julius Drake, Ronald Farren-Price, Vladimir Feltsman, Benjamin Friter, Alexander Garrylynk, Helene Grimaud, Andreas Haefliger, Marc Andre Hamelin, Thomas Hecht, Angela Hewit, Stephen Hough, Leslie Howard, Michael Houstoun, Reg Howat, Peter Jablowski, Cyrien Katsaris, Kevin Kenner, Freddy Kempf, Steven Kovacevich, Ewa Kupiec, Katia and Marielle Labeque, Piers Lane, Lang Lang, Andre Michel Laplante, Demmi Lee, Robert Levin, Paul Lewis, Yundi Li, Cecile Licad, John Lill, Valentina Lisitsa, Nocholai Lugansky, Konstantin Lifschitz, Mark Markham, Ellis Marsalis, Alexander Melnikov, Loan Moravec, Jan Monro, Roger Muraro, Jan Nahamatsu, Davis Nettle, Noroko Ogawa, Garrick Ohlsson, Celcile Ousset, Vladimir Ovchimikov, Kun-Woo Paik, Jon Kimura Parker, Arthur Pizzaro, Jean Bernard Pommier, Pascal Roge, Michael Roll, Mikhail Rudy, Gyorgy SandorVittorio Sangiorgio, Konstantin Scherbakov, Howard Shelley, Kathryn Stott, Yevgeny Sudbin, Melwyn Tan, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Francois-Joel Thiollier, Fau Ts’ong, Seow Yit Kin, Lars Vogt, Arcadi Volados, Roger Woodward, Igor Zhuhov.

Walter's services have also been engaged by Dewan Filharmonhik Petronas (Kuala Lumpur) when they opened the first Malaysian concert hall in 1998. Walter worked there for a number of years while training a local piano tuner.