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Maintained properly, your piano will bring a lifetime of enjoyment. To keep it in top condition requires periodic tuning and servicing and there is no-one better qualified than Pianohaass to do this for you.

Piano Tuning and Piano Servicing

Piano Tuning

Pianohaass are experts in piano tuning, piano servicing and piano repairs in Perth. You just need to read about the skill and talent of artist, craftsman and perfectionist, Walter Haass to be assured of that.

One of the world's leading concert piano technicians, Walter Haass is a true expert in his field of piano making, piano tuning, piano repairs and piano restoration. Walter works all around Australia and across South East Asia. About Walter Haass >

Its recommend that your piano is tuned once or twice a year (depending on it's use) to keep it sounding good and working properly each time you sit down to play, This is especially important in the first year of your piano's life. Three components that need to be adjusted periodically are;

  • Tuning — brings the piano back to pitch. Piano tuning is the adjustment of the piano’s strings to the correct pitch tension so that the instrument is perfectly in tune with itself, normally (although not necessarily) at concert pitch.
  • Voicing — affects the piano's tone. Voicing is the adjustment of the piano's tone or sound and is done by softening or hardening the hammers and adjusting various parts of the piano's keyboard mechanism. Regardless of its original voicing, every piano will acquire a somewhat brighter tone with time as the hammer felts become compacted the more they are struck against the strings.
  • Regulation — the adjustment of the action mechanism which affects the touch of the piano.

Your piano can be affected by temperature and can go slightly out of tune as the seasons change. In schools, or where an instrument is frequently used, it is common to undertake more regular tuning. A piano which has gone a long time without tuning may require extra work in pitch rising. In addition to piano tuning, regular servicing will keep your piano in top condition.

Regular maintenance also can prevent expensive repair in the future and Pianohaass are happy to recommend a service plan that will take the very best care of your instrument and ensure all clients have their pianos maintained in optimum condition and provide outstanding performance year after year.

Pianohaass 5 Pianohaass Piano Tuning Great to meet you in Perth last week and thank you again for all your work. It makes such a difference to a pianist’s mental health not to have to worry about these things. Paul Lewis Pianist

Piano Repairs and Piano Restoration

Pianohaass specialise in full piano restoration of quality grand pianos and upright pianos and guarantee your piano will be restored back to its full potential.

All piano restorations are carried out by expert piano maker and piano restorer, Walter Haass. Known worldwide for his master craftsmanship, Walter Haass restores pianos here in Perth, Australia wide and across South East Asia. About Walter Haass >

Piano Restoration

Here's what Australia's foremost piano-vocal entertainer, Scot Finnie had to say about the piano restoration we recently completed on a beautiful Vintage Steinway & Sons Model A-188 piano.

Pianohaass 5 Pianohaass Piano Restoration Ricardo kindly facilitated access to the interior of the piano so I could undertake a fulsome inspection and I must say the work is breathtaking. Every detail has been lovingly attended to, including the smallest of hinges and faceplates, some of which I suspect we're newly handcrafted. The hammers, pins and strings are of course, all brand new and my guess is that many of even these components would not have been readily available. The work on the cabinet has been done with painstaking reverence to the original finish and surveying the craftsmanship in the ornate curves of the legs and other distinctly 19th Century aesthetic touches is sublime and makes the minimalist lines of the modern piano appear positively sterile by comparison. Then, I played it! Well, actually, I caressed it. This is a piano that begs to be played with subtlety and elegance. Its tonal colors at their best when they are allowed to emote from the instrument, rather than having them harshly commanded from it. Of course, when one asks the instrument to express itself aggressively, it is more than comfortable and responds with a reassuring growl that brings an almost mischievous smile to the player. A guilty pleasure indeed! I apologies for the almost romantic tone of my description but I'm afraid I may be in love! Congratulations on a beautiful acquisition and for the work of art it has again become under the skillful hands of Walter Haass. And most of all, thank you for the great privilege of playing it. Scot Finnie The Pianoman, Sydney.

Other Piano Services

Pianohaass offer personalised piano services in Perth and beyond;

  • Piano valuations and piano insurance claims.
  • Piano Moving - Piano Relocation - Piano Installation Services — The installation of any piano into a new environment needs to be carefully managed by experts. With every piano transport brings a new challenge to ensure installation is successful. The sheer size of a grand piano means the moving process needs to be carefully planned and executed without damaging the piano.
Moving a piano
Pianohaass 5 Pianohaass Piano Restoration Since you delivered our piano to us a few months ago, we’ve had many hours of enjoyment from it and continue to be thrilled with the thoroughly professional way in which it was renovated. V. Donnelly Perth